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Synthetic turf is increasingly used these days as it has some amazing benefits for all. Synthetic turf can mimic the look of natural grass and can help create an aesthetic environment. Not only in outdoor applications but in indoor applications also, synthetic turf finds its use.

Hence, it is suitable material for residential as well as commercial purposes. There are more than 5,500 synthetic turf fields presently that are being used throughout the United States. Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing can help you in getting the desired look with your safety surfacing. We have completed a huge number of artificial turf projects successfully. 

Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

What is synthetic turf?

This material has been used on the sports field for years. Nowadays, it has been increasingly used in playgrounds too. The fibers are constructed out of polypropylene or polyethylene and comprise multiple layers, cushioning, backing, and drainage layers. They are made from recycled rubber.

The fall protection provided by synthetic turf is high. If the thickness of turf is 2.1 to 3.1, it can provide protection from a fall height of 5 feet. If the thickness of the turf is 3.3 to 4.3, it can provide protection from about a height of 7 inches. The size of the turf can be adjusted and accommodated according to the level of protection needed.

What is the installation cost of synthetic turf?

Every field is constructed in a customized fashion to meet the exact needs of the playground. While deciding the cost of synthetic turf, some factors such as size, intended usage, environmental factors, and geographic location have to be considered.

Our experts can carry out a survey for your place and help you determine the exact cost. We can even make adjustments according to your needs and then estimate the cost you can expect. We can evaluate your investment in turf and provide an analysis that considers upfront cost, maintenance expense, and potential long-term savings.

Benefits of synthetic turf for people and playgrounds

Some of the main benefits of artificial turf offers for sports include:

Is different from natural grass fields as it does not turn to mud when there is moderate to heavy rainfall. Artificial grass has all weather properties, which make it easy to use and ideal for all sorts of weather conditions. People can play on the fields covered with synthetic tuff during rains too. With this, the field is not ruined, and it can be utilized with full effect. You need not replace it every season. Hence, there are no restrictions to play.

Artificial turf is more versatile and flexible than natural grass. It can be used in areas with high traffic without any recovery time between the games. Events and tournaments can be conducted anytime. This is so because artificial turf can withstand 500 hours or consecutive playtime. Hence, the games can be scheduled according to the convenience of people.

The natural grass requires constant watering, fertilizing, seeding, and mowing as well as pest control. The artificial turf requires very little maintenance from this aspect. You are not required to contribute your leisure time to take care of the turf rather than enjoying it. It only requires occasional brushing, watering to control the pests. Management of this type of surfacing is less rigorous and expensive as compared to natural grass.

The control over the consistency of the pitch is increased as the grass is manufactured exactly the same. It means that there will be no areas that are uneven and differently textured. Hence there will be no effect on the speed of the ball or the footing of the player.

It provides a very smooth and even surface. It meets the ADA requirements effectively. It does not displace like loose fill materials and does not have any gaps. This makes the material a perfect choice for toddlers and children. It does not get displaced in high-traffic areas.

The appearance provided by it is quite natural and it will be surely admired by people who feel delighted by the appearance of grass. For providing a unique look, walkways and landscape features can also be incorporated into the designs. This will make it more attractive. The children will be pulled to play outside and be active.

How can Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing help you in getting the best quality safety surfacing services?

Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing can provide both outdoors and indoors safety surfacing services. We believe in encouraging play and sports of all kinds and ensuring safety, and we provide high-quality material that can reduce the impact of falls. We have world-class materials and facilities with a friendly team. They will win your heart once you contact us. You can get to know us and understand the working of our organization. We have a wonderful approach to make people understand the need for safety surfacing and how it can aid you in the future.

We follow a more effective way of working which helps us achieve better results. This people-friendly approach has shaped our organization as the best-rated and reviewed organization in the entire nation. The kind of atmosphere we create will surely impress you. Every service that we deliver at our organization is worth giving a shot at. You can definitely consider us trustworthy and reliable as we are working in this field for over a decade. 

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Our services are focused to meet the growing needs of children and sporting enthusiasts. We provide materials that are safe to use for pets, kids, and the environment. Also, all of our materials are protected by warranty. So, in case of any problem or defect in the material, you can get it easily repaired or replaced. Also, our services are affordable for all. So, connect with us now for affordable, reliable, and effective safety surfacing.

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If your playground requires safety surfacing anywhere in the nation, you can come to the trusted organization of America. We assure you to provide amazing deals at the best prices.