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Rubber tiles are the most popular type of surfacing, especially for gyms, playgrounds, training centers, and are easiest to install amongst other safety surfacing materials. Rubber tiles are generally prepared from natural rubber, which is mixed with cotton fibers. They are versatile as they can be used in residential as well as for commercial applications. Rubber tiles are available as square-edged tiles and interlocking tiles.

Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing is one of the recognized companies for providing the topmost safety surfacing services. Our company consists of skilled and experienced professionals to provide you with the best services. We work for customer satisfaction and always work according to their conditions and needs.

Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

Difference between Rubber flooring rolls and Rubber tiles?

Rubber Flooring Rolls: Rubber flooring rolls are usually used for covering large spaces and are comparatively less expensive than Rubber tiles. They are best suited for commercial gyms, exercise areas. Rubber rolls are suitable for places with high foot traffic and are extremely durable as they don’t get damaged over time. But it has one drawback, it is heavier and is much more difficult to install. They don’t get interlocked like rubber tiles but require adhesives or tape-down installation. They are thinner as compared to rubber tiles but are also economical. 

Rubber rolls usually are four feet wide and fifteen to fifty meters in length. They are available in different thicknesses, thin rubber rolls for bodyweight exercises, medium-thick rolls for gyms or workout areas, and comparatively thicker rolls for high-impact activities, which require a strong and extremely durable material.

Characteristics of Rubber Flooring Rolls: 

  • Water-resistant
  • The firm grip makes it slip-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Less waste
  • Seamless appearance
  • Suitable for large spaces

Rubber Tiles: Rubber tiles are comparatively more suitable for smaller areas like home gyms, training studios, workout rooms. The main reason behind using it in gyms or workout areas is that it can bear heavy loads like equipment and dumbbells, which may damage another surfacing, but this is strong and durable.

Rubber tiles come in many different types for serving different purposes like:

  • Interlocking Rubber Tiles: Rubber tiles get interlocked to each other, so it doesn’t require any adhesives to be glued or stick together. They come in 2×2 or 3×3 feet size and are much easier to install. A single person can even install them, and they don’t displace from one place to another once installed.
  • Commercial Rubber Tiles: Commercial tiles are mostly straight-edged but can also be cut down to required shapes according to customer requirements and preferences. They are waterproof, making it a non-slip surface and prevents any falling. They come with various color options, and the colors can also be remixed to give an aesthetic finish.
  • Playground Rubber Tiles: Playground rubber tiles also come with a variety of designs, colors, textures, and patterns. But apart from this, they are thicker because of the additional cushion-like surface to provide protection from any serious injuries. Its critical fall height is 10 feet high as per the equipment. But you should keep in mind this is heavier as compared to other tiles because of its thickness.
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Characteristics of Rubber Tiles:

  • Antistatic (electric shock resistant)
  • Cigarette burn resistant and Fire resistant
  • Free from PVC, plasticizers, halogens like chlorine, formaldehyde, and heavy metals
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Economical
  • Stable
  • Extremely Durable

Here are the reasons why you should choose rubber tiles:

  • They provide a smooth surface and are soft, providing a cushion-like surface underfoot for comfortable walking and playing. This surfacing is preferred because it provides a safe place for landing and for unintentional falls.
  • Rubber tiles don't require any adhesives for installation as they get interlocked with each other.
  • The main benefit of rubber tiles is that they can be replaced easily. If one tile is damaged, then that specific tile can be repaired, removed, or replaced instead of the whole flooring, which will save time and reduce the owner's overall repair cost.
  • Rubber tiles are versatile. They can fit any space, are easy to store, and are used in playgrounds, home gyms, commercial gyms, play areas, and training studios.
  • They are slip-resistant as they give a firm grip which further prevents any type of accidents.

Normal rubber tiles surfacing on an average cost from $3-$8 per square foot for a decent look. If any additional preparation is required before any installation, it may cost you an additional $1- $3 per square foot. An attractive and beautiful rubber tile surfacing cost ranges from $12- $14 per square foot. The most preferred thickness ranges from 20mm- 25mm. The length and width of Rubber tiles are 480 mm. The thickness of granules ranges from 0.8mm- 2mm. The thickness of the gym floors is 5/32 inches, ¼ inches. These floorings are used where treadmills, heavy dumbbells, and large equipment and machinery are kept because they can bear heavy loads and are extremely durable.

The first thing we do is cut the tile into desired shapes as per our customer's needs and requirements. Then the next thing our skilled workers draw lines for guidance to give perfect results to our customers. Then we start inserting the connector pins, three each, into pre-drilled shots on the adjacent sides of the tiles. Then insert the next tile by pushing it into the receiving hole of another tile. We push the tile as tight as it can be inserted into the next tile to keep this in the right position. Then we finally use a rubber mallet to tilt the angle to fill the gaps so that there is no space left in between, which may cause any danger to our customer.

Port St. Lucie Safety Surfacing offers you with best offers and deals. We use safe materials and the best quality products to not cause any convenience to our customers. We even offer a warranty period on our products. Our company has one of the best teams with skilled workers and experienced professionals to offer you our best services. Contact us now to book your quotes.